IBC Finland

Industrial Biotechnology Cluster Finland promotes sustainability and bioeconomy in the Finnish industry by means of industrial biotechnology.

IBC Finland builds novel biotechnology solutions and products through project cooperation between companies and research institutes. We offer industry the opportunity to achieve sustainable processing and production of biobased products, chemicals, materials and fuels, from renewable raw materials using biotechnology.

We look forward to cooperate with national and international partners in the area of industrial biotechnology.

Our aim is to identify industrial needs and based on them, to establish new innovative cooperation projects to create novel biotechnology solutions. In order to achieve this, IBC Finland will:

  • Support our members in planning and preparing research and R&D projects
  • Organize idea mill workshops in critical research areas identified by the industry
  • Communicate actively with all stakeholders, both in industry and the research sector
  • Keep our members up-to-date with global trends in industrial biotechnology
  • Operate as a contact point between international and national industrial biotechnology partners



At ABLC, you’ll meet the leaders of the global advanced bioeconomy, in one place, at one time, for real dialogue on the opportunities and challenges of this amazing industrial movement towards sustainability and renewables.

Owners & operators, project developers, investors, policymakers, end-use customers and channel & development partners for the newest technologies of the advanced bioeconomy: health, nutrition, AgTech, genetics, big data, robotics, fuels, chemicals and materials.



  • Liquid fuels
  • Chemicals and Biomaterials
  • Agriculture
  • Sustainable Aviation Fuels
  • Biogas and RNG fuels
  • Hydrogen
  • The Hot 50
  • The New Nutrition
  • The Digital Biology Toolkit
  • International Partnership
  • Finance

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