Biorefining ensiled grass into inventive feed products, INNOFEED project funded by Tekes


Biorefining ensiled grass into inventive feed products (INNOFEED) aims at establishment of new type of biorefineries by showing why and how ensiled grass should be biorefined into a variety of inventive feed products.

INNOFEED reflects the main aspects of the Finnish Bioeconomy strategy. It will create:

  • prerequisites for competitive domestic operational environments which are less sensitive to the fluctuations on the global prices of raw materials
  • new business to support for growth of bioeconomy as new centralised and/or on-farm biorefineries will be established
  • strong competence basis on which bioeconomy-related business can build on by combining Luke’s grass cultivation, ensiling and feed competence with VTT’s biomass processing technology and techno-economic calculations. This collaboration will materialise as a unique consolidated process covering the whole value-chain from selection, cultivation and harvesting of grass, via processing by ensiling and biotech to a set of value feed products.
  • opportunities to use more efficiently but at the same time sustainably our most abundant field grown biomass

Partners: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd and Natural Resources Institute Finland.
Coordinator: Dr. Raija Lantto, VTT
Tekes Funding: 570 000 € (2015-2018)