Could diesel engines be run on 100 % ethanol?





What if everything with a diesel engine
could run on 100% ethanol?   


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Ethanol, from renewable sources, has been successfully blended with gasoline for a number of years, helping to reduce emissions and dependence on fossil fuels.  


Ethanol's search for new markets 


However, as electrification and hybridization of light-duty vehicles reduces demand for gasoline, ethanol will have to find additional market opportunities, beyond just increased blending into the declining gasoline market, in order to remain successful.  


At The Digest, we've profiled those new, higher blending levels, and the drive to increase exports, and doubtless you've seen how tough those routes to market expansion can be. These are heroic, multi-year, multi-stakeholder efforts, and always dependent upon consistent policy stakeholder support that is tough to maintain.  


What if technology offers us a new option?


A new technology 


ClearFlame Engines has been able to harness the benefits of U.S. produced, renewable, low-carbon ethanol for diesel engine platforms, thereby enabling expansion of this energy resource into many heavy-duty engine applications.   


Born at Stanford, nurtured in the national lab system 


ClearFlame's technology, initially developed at Stanford University and supported by nearly $2 million in R&D at Argonne National Lab, allows diesel engines to use pure ethanol, without any loss of engine performance, or any need for diesel fuel.   


The cost and emission opportunities 


By using ethanol in a high-efficiency manner, the ClearFlame combustion process can lower user operating costs, and significantly reduce, to near zero levels, emissions of the worst aspects of diesel exhaust - smoke and NOx (smog). ClearFlame also eliminates the need for complex, expensive and troublesome SCR/urea-based diesel emissions control systems by substituting a simple, 90% less expensive, 3-way catalyst.     


It's a revolutionary technology that could transform markets - and could offer opportunities to your own stakeholders.


A webinar about transformation 


But don't take it just from us.

On Wednesday, May 15th at 12pm ET, a team from Clear Fuels will join me to share their vision for expanding ethanol use within agriculture, construction, mining, power generation, marine, and freight/transportation applications


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To join me for this free webinar just click on the links here, or above. It'll be the best hour you'll invest all week.


Time conflict? A complete recorded version of the webinar to be viewed when you want will be available to all webinar registrants.   


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