IBC Ideamill 14.4.2015 @ Technopolis, Innopoli 2, Otaniemi



IBC Ideamill workshop is dedicated for the development of new project ideas.

Preliminary program

13:00     Opening & introduction of the working process

13:15    Workshop session in groups (preliminary themes, tbc)

Biorefinery concept development

  • Barriers and obstacles
  • Adding value chain and feasibility
  • Raw materials and logistics: wood, straw, grass, etc.

New production concepts in biotechnology

  • Raw materials: domestic, imported
  • Utilization of wastes and side streams: solids, liquids, gases
  • Barriers
  • Fixing CO2

New products (from biorefineries or using existing technologies)

  • High value products  >1000 €/t
  • Polymers, chemicals, feed, food
    • Nanocellulose
    • Microbial produced polymers or materials
    • Antimicrobial peptides and proteins
    • Rumen management for controlling methane emissions
    • Other biochemicals from biomass

Technologies and techniques 

  • Reactor technology development: anaerobic/aerobic reactors, enzymatic catalysis
  • Biomass pretreatment, raw materials
  • Product recovery
  • Measurements, modelling

15:00    Group presentations

15:30    End of IBC Ideamill

Comments to the IBC Ideamill themes

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