Past events

IBC Seminar:  Investments in Industrial Biotechnology, Past, Present and Future 17.3.2016


If you missed the IBC Finland annual seminar or would like to watch the presentations again, you now have the chance. The seminar recording is avalable at the link below. You can watch the entire seminar or watch only a few presentations of your choosing. All but one presentations are in Finnish.

Hint: Click the double arrow on the upper right corner of the video and the presentation expands to your entire screen, that way you can see also the slides clearly.


Presentations recorded:

  • Opening words, Dr Jari Vehmaanperä, AB Enzymes (Fin)
  • Have investments in biotechnology created value in Finland?, Dr Martti Kulvik, ETLA (Fin)
  • Industrial Biotechnology roadmaps for Europe and for Finland, Ms Karina Puurunen, Pöyry Management Consulting (Fin)
  • A Carbon Smart Future: The Role of Waste in the Bioeconomy, Mrs Willemijn van der Werf, LanzaTech, USA (Eng)
  • Electrofermentation and steps required before commercialization, Dr Marika Kokko, IMTEK, Germany (Fin)
  • Management of business ecosystems, Dr Tiina Apilo, VTT (Fin)
  • Closing words, Dr Jari Vehmaanperä, AB Enzymes (Fin)

IBC Seminar: Biotechnology as an Enabler in Bioeconomy 18.3.2015

PDF-tiedosto2015-03-18 Biotechnology as an Enabler in Bioeconomy.pdf (53 kB)
Seminar Programme
PDF-tiedosto2015-03-18 Implementation of Finnish Bioeconomy Strategy.pdf (1.5 MB)
Jussi Manninen, Development Manager, Ministry of Employment and the Economy
PDF-tiedosto2015-03-18 Opportunities of biotechnology in the milk chain.pdf (1.5 MB)
Matti Harju, Senior Adviser, Valio Oy
PDF-tiedosto2015-03-18 Leading by example AB Vista's aspiration.pdf (1.7 MB)
Mike Bedford, Research Director, HQ Team, AB Vista
PDF-tiedosto2015-03-18 Future Biorefining.pdf (2.9 MB)
Mona Åkerholm-Kaapro, Account Manager Biorefining, Neste Jacobs
PDF-tiedosto2015-03-18 Biotechnology for the production of chemicals, intermediates and pharmaceutical ingred.pdf (769 kB)
Hans-Peter Meyer, retired from Lonza

IBC Seminar: Industrial Biotechnology in Bioeconomy 12.6.2014

PDF-tiedosto2014-06-12 Industrial Biotechnology in Bioeconomy.pdf (137 kB)
Seminar programme
PDF-tiedosto2014-06-12 The Finnish Bioeconomy Strategy.pdf (1.5 MB)
Mika Aalto, Ministry of Employment and the Economy
PDF-tiedosto2014-06-12 Outcomes of Finnish Centre of Excellence in White Biotechnology.pdf (1.1 MB)
Merja Penttilä, VTT
PDF-tiedosto2014-06-12 Future scenarios of biorefineries.pdf (2.2 MB)
Michael O’Donohue, INRA (France)


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