isoSUS: Industrial symbiosis on CO2 and waste and side stream conversion to sustainable products
  • Project preparation start: May 2023
  • Project coordinators: Prof. Marika Kokko & Prof. Ville Santala, Tampere University

The Industrial symbiosis on CO2 and waste and side stream conversion to sustainable products (isoSUS) -project will explore the potential to produce sustainable chemicals by combining processes in new ways using different industrial side and waste streams.

Project description

One of the biggest bioeconomy challenges is changing the current flows of production. The transition towards fossil-free and sustainable production requires a full reorganisation of production methods and material side-streams so that unused waste can be recycled.

This is the goal of the co-creation project and an upcoming co-innovation project isoSUS prepared by Tampere University and supported by IBC Finland. Together with industrial and academic partners, the co-creation project aims to identify products of interest and the production processes required for selected side streams. The co-innovation project - currently under preparation - will further investigate how to control and monitor the process steps needed for handling side streams and producing selected chemicals, and how to optimise the performance of the whole value chain. The project examines new business opportunities within the processing chain, in order to transform carbon dioxide and waste side streams into sustainable products.

The isoSUS project is currently open for collaboration. If your organisation is interested in joining, please contact:

Ville Santala, Tampere University,,
+358 40 1981 099

Marika Kokko, Tampere University,,
+358 50 4478 751

Aila Maijanen, IBC Finland,,
+358 50 3751 182

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c/o Clic Innovation Ltd
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