Protein feed from grass silage by biotechnical means

Project status

Project started in February 2013.

Project ended in March 2014.
(Continuation of the project is under discussions.)

The project is led by Valio and combines the expertise of five research institutes: Aalto University, MTT, VTT, Metla and University of Oulu. Person in charge of the project is Matti Harju, Valio.


Project description

The objective of the project is to pre-study the technical and economical feasibility of the production of protein feed from grass silage. Grass and especially grass silage (grass feed) composes an exciting alternative to wood-based raw material for biotechnical utilization.

In this pre-study the technical and economical feasibility of the production of domestic protein feed from grass silage will be studied. The feasibility of transforming grass silage into sugar and the most optimal fermentation host and process will be analysed.

Protein feed from grass silage - Final Seminar 12 March, 2014

PDF-tiedosto120314 Valio Matti Harju.pdf (252 kB)
PROTEIINIA RUOHOSTA – Teknis-taloudellinen tarkastelu
PDF-tiedosto120314 MTT Arja Seppälä.pdf (2.2 MB)
Grass silage – source of valuable nutrients
PDF-tiedosto120314 Metla Sanna Hautala.pdf (642 kB)
Pressurized hot water extraction of silage
PDF-tiedosto120314 VTT Matti Siika-Aho.pdf (930 kB)
Production of sugars from silage
PDF-tiedosto120314 Aalto University Heikki Ojamo engl.pdf (701 kB)
Fermentation of the fractions from silage processing

Thoughts on this project

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