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IBC Finland welcomes new chairperson and executive officer

In the IBC Finland members’ Spring Meeting on May 19th, 2021, Sampo Lahtinen was appointed as new deputy chairperson. Outside IBC Finland, Sampo works as Vice President R&D and Technology EMEA, at Kemira.

IBC Board also appointed Aila Maijanen as Executive Officer. Aila is located at CLIC Innovation in Eteläranta 10, the host of the IBC Finland Office.

These changes came about since Jari Vehmaanperä, IBC chairperson since 2015, retired from Roal in April. Jari has played a key role already when founding the Industrial Biotechnology Cluster in 2012. The members of the cluster have learned to know Jari as a trusted, knowledgeable, and visionary leader. IBC Finland wishes to express its deep  gratitude to Jari for his tireless work in promoting and steering the network.

We wish Jari active and healthy retirement days! Hopefully, we will meet Jari again in IBC Finland events and other biotechnology science activities.


IBC Finland,

Sampo Lahtinen, Deputy Chairperson

Eero Kiljunen, Scientific Officer

Aila Maijanen, Executive Officer

IBC Finland ry
c/o Clic Innovation Ltd
Eteläranta 10, 5th floor
FI-00130 Helsinki

IBC Finland builds novel biotechnology solutions and products through project cooperation between companies and research institutes. We offer industry the opportunity to achieve sustainable processing and production of biobased products, chemicals, materials and fuels, from renewable raw materials using biotechnology.

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