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Renewable Diesel is a Game Changer for Sustainable Aviation and Low Carbon Fuel Markets in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Southeast Asia

According to a new study by market research firm Emerging Markets Online, renewable diesel is becoming a game changer for several key areas of the low carbon fuels industry, including:

  1. the global aviation industry, representing a 90 billion gallon/yr market and opportunity,
  2. U.S. west coast markets for LCFS programs in California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, representing approximately 5 billion gallons/year in low-carbon diesel demand,
  3. the utilization of sustainable, waste-based feedstocks from fats, oils, greases, agricultural residues, municipal solid waste, and dedicated energy crops for low-carbon transport fuels,
  4. conversions of petroleum refineries into low-carbon biorefineries to produce multiple products, including: renewable diesel, renewable naphta, bio-jet fuels, bio-based marine diesel fuels, and bio-based plastics.


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