One opinion of which are the most important industrial biotechnology key drivers and trends and disruptive technologies through 2018- 2028

Ten-Year Forecast of Disruptive Technologies in Industrial Biotechnology to 2028
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Industrial Biotechnology Key Drivers and Trends 2018 - 2028

  1. Scaling R&D and validation infrastructure
  2. Using fossil raw materials
  3. Renewable raw materials become viable
  4. Biofuels as catalyst for industrial biotechnology
  5. Advantages and challenges of drop-ins
  6. The “dieselgate” effect
  7. Gaseous carbon
  8. Booming of natural gas
  9. Renewable carbon for bio-based products
  10. Technology developing faster than ever
  11. Sustainability is a performance target
  12. The Planet under pressure of single-use plastics
  13. Industrial biotechnology is going blue
  14. Hard life for first movers
  15. Functionality rules

Top 25 Disruptive Technologies in Industrial Biotechnology 2018 - 2028

  1. Accelerated strain design
  2. Adipic acid
  3. Anaerobic digestion-based residue valorization
  4. Application development and diversification of uses of biopolymers
  5. Aromas and fragrances
  6. Biosurfactants
  7. Butanediol
  8. Butanol
  9. Corporate sustainability programmes
  10. Electrification of private transportation
  11. Enzymes to degrade polyesters for plastic bioremediation.
  12. Fumaric acid
  13. High efficiency bioreactors for use of gaseous carbon sources
  14. Isobutene as platform chemical
  15. Itaconic acid
  16. Lactic acid
  17. Methane bioconversion
  18. Microbial tools for agriculture pest management
  19. Muconic acid
  20. Next generation sweeteners
  21. Pulp-and-paper mills as manufacturing and logistic hubs for biorefineries
  22. Recombinant production of protein-based fibres
  23. Single-cell feed meal comprising protein and polyunsaturated fatty acids
  24. Succinic acid
  25. Widening of technically recoverable oil and natural gas reserves

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