Introduction to Ductor

Ductor has an ambitious aim to create solutions that would help solve today’s environmental challenges in the energy and agricultural sector.

Today we build, own, and operate turnkey facilities, turning waste from the agricultural sector into sustainable fertilizers and biogas.

The core of Ductor is our microbial population turning high nitrogen containing substrates suitable to biogas production and nitrogen fertilizers.

Ductor is a Swiss-Finnish company operating in Europe and Americas and having 50 employees.

Currently we have two plants in operation: one in Mexico and one in Germany.

Academic research partners
From early on, Ductor has partnered with academic research organizations including University of Helsinki, Aalto University and Fraunhofer Institute. We have run an EU Horizon 2020 project. As a small company, we have selected the partners based on their expertise meeting our needs. We continue these activities in the future.
Company vision

We strive to be the sustainable leader in biogas and fertilizers.

We re-purpose organic resources and put them back to work as carbon reduced fertilizers and renewable energy.

The role of sustainability

Sustainability is in the core of our business. It begins at the source: organic material, such as animal manure and other wastes of organic origin. Ductor is committed to increase agricultural biodiversity, enrich soils, improve watersheds, and enhance ecosystems.

Central areas of industrial biotechnology

Ductor has developed and patented a microbial population for fermentation of nitrogen rich substrates and runs anaerobic digestion processes. Further development in fermentation, analytics and modelling of these is in interest of Ductor.

Ilkka Virkajärvi, Head of Technology and responsible for developing Ductor’s technology and R&D

Ilkka Virkajärvi

I am Dr. Sci. (Chem Eng) from Helsinki University of Technology with more than 35 years of microbial fermentation experience. The work cases include fermentation of methane into microbial protein and today fermenting proteins into biogas (correct, methane!). The years have taken me from academic research to teaching to industrial application of microbial fermentation.

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